Abounding Grace Media Group™

Abounding Grace Media Group™ exists as an extension of ministry outreach from Calvary Aurora. It is the teaching and discipleship ministry of Pastor Ed Taylor. Abounding Grace offers books, Ed Taylor’s blog, podcasts, study guides, radio programs, television stations (such as GraceTv) and much more. Here you can find links to Abounding Grace podcasts, the radio stations that air Abounding Grace throughout the country, and a link for more info on GraceTV. Like Calvary Aurora, Abounding Grace exists to Win - Disciple - and Send someone in Jesus.


"Jesus made it clear that His service was to be Spirit-filled. He also showed us that serving is all about people: releasing, saving, preaching, and healing people, all under the power of the Holy Spirit. This is how you can have God's heart in serving."

- Pastor Ed Taylor, Ordinary Servant













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