Baptism is an important step for every person who has accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior. It is a public proclamation of their salvation and a declaration that they will follow Jesus all the days of their lives! 

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What is Water Baptism

What the Bible Says About Water Baptism


Does baptism save me?

- We do not disagree that baptism is a "deed of righteousness" that every person who has been born again should observe. However, we disagree that baptism is in any way necessary for salvation. Salvation either comes by grace or it does not. Either we are saved by God's unmerited favor, or we earn our salvation, therefore it is by works. There is no middle ground, they are mutually exclusive. (See "Top 10 Bible Questions" for more info)

If I have already accepted Jesus Christ and have been baptized by immersion i another independent or denominational church, will I have to be baptized again? 

No. Some people, however, who recommit their lives, choose to be baptized again if they feel their first baptism was for the wrong reason, such as an adult who was baptized as a child and may not have understood what they were doing.



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